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Free trial:  ExcelEase

For Excel  2011  and 2004;   2013,  2010,  2007,  2003,  and 2000.    Not compatible with Excel 2008 (for Mac). 

 Includes fully functional trial of ExcelEase.    No credit card information required.


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System Requirements:  Mac OS 10.4 or later, or Windows XP or later.  Excel 2000 or later.  Not compatible with Excel 2008 (Mac). 

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Payment is securely processed by PayPal, with no need for a PayPal account. 

ExcelEase Usage Agreement   (actually readable)

 You AGREE to just a few limitations to be granted the right to use ExcelEase.

  1. You are allowed to use ONE copy of ExcelEase version 6 for up to 30 days without charge, to have the opportunity to assess how ExcelEase improves your workflow.
  2. One payment allows you to continue to use ONE copy of ExcelEase version 6 perpetually, on ONE computer.  It may remain with the one computer if that computer is transferred to another owner, OR it may be transferred to a REPLACEMENT computer, but NOT BOTH.  No other transfer of rights is allowed.
  3. One payment also allows you to update the one computer with any later SUB-version of ExcelEase version 6 and use that update in the same manner as in paragraph 2. 
  4. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of any part of this software is PROSECUTABLE UNDER INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT LAWS.  
  5. You are NOT allowed to access, or attempt to access, ExcelEase’s programming code.  WARNING: ACCESSING THE PROGRAMMING CODE VOIDS THE USER RIGHTS.
  6. Magnafy Software makes NO warranty that ExcelEase is free of errors in all conditions.  And under no circumstances shall Magnafy Software or any of its personnel be held liable for any damages that result from usage of ExcelEase.